I am freaking out about the exams!!!! I’m really really am scared … I’ve done not enough study… Again and again ehy did I procrastinated ?? Omg I’m actually really worried…. Why didn’t I study before?? Even god can’t help me now 😦 Note to self: please please please don’t leave all the work until […]

The … Project

Best idea comes in shower!  True that!! I think it is because shower is the only time whem i am on my own and i can think with my clear mind. So as i was showering away…….. with shower gel that smells really good and with shower pearls in them (i think they are called […]

Yes I Instagramed my photo

Today is a day to celebrate in my life 😀 Finally i drew liquid eyeliner SUCCESSFULLY! Due to my mono-lid, i find it extremely difficult to draw liquid eyeliner, but after a few times of trying, i finally got it today!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 (insert smiley face) There isn’t any technique to draw eyeliner on […]


(其实这篇是在浴室写的) 没错我常常把笔电搬进浴室用。。。(别告诉我你没有这样做过) 如果有看康熙来了就知道最近有一位马克妈妈很红,为什么呢? 因为减肥成功了嘛! 看着她穿的漂亮洋装,羡慕死啦! 看了她的部落,发现她加力介绍两招:快走和敲胆经 不只是马克妈妈,很多部落客都介绍这两招很有用,尤其是敲胆经。 自己上个星期试过,敲了第一天后,大腿真的很痛 ...不过好像也蛮有用! 所以等下洗澡时也敲~ 至于快走,我看现在就算了,外面实在太冷了...2度不是开玩笑的! 不能快走,在家当然得做些东西! 前天开始跳郑多燕健身操, 这真的不是开玩笑...真的挺累! 也留了蛮多汗!郑多燕最近真的很流行,她的健身操蛮适合我这种懒人, 呵呵! 食物日记 早餐:燕麦 和 猪肠粉 午餐:泡面 晚餐:还没吃! 吃泡面真的很不健康,减肥就必须不能吃泡面! vivien