Exams exams and more exams.

Exams exams and exams…. Noooo my life is not just about exams now hehehe

Yesterday, I met up wit Jin for the second time.. Well it wasn’t arranged purposely because he had to come into ucd for his exam, yes exam as well 😦 and I met up with him after his exam. It was a nice hour, just us πŸ™‚ ok nothing big happened! I just showed him around Ucd and the main thing was we arranged when we are going to meet next!

Well he offered to cook Korean dinner, sorta… His friend was going to cook dinner this weekend but she,s busy so Jin offered to cook himself if I don’t mind. Duh! Of coure I don’t mind!!!! It’s nice to have someone cooks dinner for me, after all these time of cooking dinner mostly by myself. And it’s even better if it is just for me.

Who doesn’t want this? I’m not saying this just because a guy offered to cook me dinner but because I really am tired after all these years.
Without mummy and daddy by my side, I can’t do whatever I want. I had to act mature and grown up even though I was only 13. It was tough and tiring. Sometimes I just wish I can lean my head on someone else’s shoulder.

I thought I found one, turned out he was just a douche.

Life’s exciting I guess


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