The … Project

Best idea comes in shower! 

True that!!

I think it is because shower is the only time whem i am on my own and i can think with my clear mind.

So as i was showering away…….. with shower gel that smells really good and with shower pearls in them (i think they are called shower pearls?) ….. THE MOMENT which Newton had when an apple fell from the tree, yup i had the same moment.

I though what if i make videos showing my life here for my parents? and i will give myself about 2 months to do it, and show it to them around chinese new year time 🙂

Videos idea could be from my daily routine to friends say hi videos, i think it’ll be really nice since i haven’t done anything like this before and my parents don’t know what my life is like here as well (irresponsible child >.< )

And i will need a name for it…


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